Passion RP Community Rules and Guidelines

Hello and welcome to Passion RP.

To be allowed to play on Passion RP, You have to be over the age of 16 and follow the rules, regulations and guidelines for our server that are mentioned below, so please be sure to read over them carefully.


Breaking any of the following rules may lead to a ban/removal from the community!

Any players that Stream on Twitch are required to follow Twitch Terms Of Service (TOS) at all times! Click HERE to view them!

Exploiting game mechanics of any kind is strictly prohibited. Example: Duping items/money.

Criminal activities are limited to max of Six players at a time. (Max 6 on pacific Standard Bank Robbery) Relaying information to or between anyone else during the scenario counts as them being involved in that scene. (Comms: Radio/ Phone/Voice)

Remain in character at all times. If you need to contact staff, finish the scenario first and then do so using the correct channels or /report system in game. Never break character to contact staff during a scene.

Having a working, decent microphone is required to play here!

Breeding negativity or toxic behavior is strictly prohibited and will make you subject to punishments/ removal from the community.

Metagaming, Powergaming, RDM (Random Deathmatch), VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch), NVL (Not valuing your life) and breaking character are strictly prohibited!


Communicating information that was gained OOC or through 3rd party communications, to other players that your character does not actually know. Sharing information via the use of /me that other characters would not actually see. Taking action against someone/something based on information learned from OOC means or 3rd party communications.

Using OOC gained from watching streams, whether they’re live or not.

Using any third party communication whilst in the city (Example: Discord chats)

Using information you’ve gained on one character and using it on another.

Identifying anyone by voice alone is not allowed if they are using a voice changer or actively changing their voice in an attempt to stay hidden.

Chase someone in a vehicle in an attempt to take them hostage, solely based on the fact that you know they are a player.

Using script knowledge as a cop to preemptively respond to drug locations or heists.

Using your in-game (The HOME key) muscle to help you find players that may be trying to hide. The only time this can be used is to when you’re giving someone cash/items and you need their ID.


RolePlaying out of your characters traits, abusing mechanics and using means not actually in game to gain an advantage. Some examples are as follows (but not limited to):

Committing crimes with more than the maximum number of people (6) allowed for criminal activities.

Abuse of commands after being put in the trunk of a vehicle. (Example: /carry or /dance)

Abuse the use of handcuffs when kidnapping someone. (Example: Having them /e cuff and then using /me commands to place them in the trunk, avoiding the actual server script)

Respawning while down in prison and taking the light to escape jail.

RolePlaying things that are not possible script wise to gain an advantage.

Sprinting/Fighting as soon as you are revived by EMS/Police.

Communicating whilst downed.

RolePlaying that you have unrealistic powers.

Not using the correct command /me to notify people of something that they should notice.

Jumping around to gain speed whilst running/on foot.

Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm.

RolePlaying that tweet did come from you. If it came from your account, then it is from YOU. (Currently, we DO NOT have a DM feature on twitter)

RolePlay that you’ve hid an item somewhere if you haven’t actually dropped the item. If it’s in YOUR pocket, then it is ON YOUR PERSON.

Store your vehicle during an active police pursuit/car chase.

Retreat to an area that is inaccessible to other players during a hostile situation to gain an advantage or save yourself. In doing so, players are permitted to continue the RolePlay after you exit said area.

Using your in-game muscle (The HOME key) to find players that are actively hiding from you, whether that be hiding in bushes or mingling with crowds of NPCs.

Force players to withdraw items or cash for stashes and banks. Unless you have keys to someone’s house, the contents of stashes will always be unknown and banks are not accessible by other players.

Logging into multiple of your own characters from different locations to transfer vehicles, items, money etc across those characters. This can result in the characters involved being wiped and a ban being received.

Using any vehicle which would give you an unfair advantage. Some examples include but are not limited to: GB200 and Hermes. If you’re unsure, you can always contact a member of the staff team using the correct channels.

Robbing players for no reason. This is labelled as greed and is prohibited.

Robbing Police of guns/tasers (IFAKs, ammo, armour are allowed in to be taken in small amounts, NOT ALL)Do NOT become overly greedy when robbing someone or handling a situation. Take what you need and make do. 

Offensive RolePlay

Included are the following: Sexual RolePlay, which includes (but is not limited to): Sex, rape and sexual touching of any kind. Torture, dismemberment, graphic descriptions of injuries.

Performing offensive RolePlay without first obtaining the consent of all parties involved or present/observing is prohibited. (Use OOC, /me or any 3rd party communication first to get consent)

Do NOT continue any offensive RolePlay if anyone involved has NOT given consent.

Do NOT perform any sexual RolePlay or RolePlay that contains sexual innuendos in a public place. This is allowed behind closed doors, away from the public of the server. (Example: Your house, stash, hidden location)

Do NOT mention or bring into RolePlay or any sort of major infectious diseases. (Example: HIV/AIDS) The Same goes for Covid-19.

Do NOT make fun of or portray any real world physical or mental disabilities.


Do NOT walk up to any other player/s with the sole intention of escalating a situation into a fight.

Do NOT shoot/punch any other player/s to death with no good reason within RolePlay.

Do NOT use a vehicle to ram/run over any other player(s) with no good reason within RolePlay.

Do NOT trackdown the player(s) responsible for your character’s death if you were forced to take the light.

Do NOT send out people to kill those that downed you. Do it yourself, there are NO hitmen.

Acknowledging Out Of Character Chat

Do NOT use any form of OOC terms in-game to contact members of staff. Use the respective channels in discord or our /report system. (Finish any RP scenario first before contacting staff)

Do NOT use any of the phone’s features for OOC communication. (Example: Asking for discord links/ staff help)

Criminal Activities

Our city’s limit on Gang/Family/Organization members is fifteen (15).

If you have more than six (6) members online at any time, make sure your gang is not involved in more than one criminal activity at a time, suggest different clothing or be involved in current activities whilst it’s already maxed. (Example: Having 6 members robbing Vangelico and another 6 robbing Pacific Bank)

Do NOT have more than six (6) members involved in a hostile situation outside of your territory/turf. (If you’re within your own territory, such as LostMC in their compound, you’re allowed to have all 15 involved)

Do NOT purposely bait cops to follow you to your territory/turf with the sole intention of slaughtering them with 15 members.

Do NOT have more than one hostile interaction with the same group within 30 minutes of each other.

Do NOT commit the same crime in the same place within 20 minutes of each other. (Drug selling is excluded from this rule)

Staff Instructions and Rulings

Do NOT message any member of staff that is dealing with any case you have filed.

Do NOT ask about any punishments another player has received/may be receiving.

Do NOT disrespect any staff members dealing with your case. In doing so, this may cause the termination of your case and will likely increase any possible punishment.

Do NOT impersonate staff.

Do NOT tag any staff members through the Forums, Discord or TeamSpeak.

Lying To A Staff Member

Do NOT lie in a report or ticket in regards to any items you may own in game to gain an advantage. This is all logged and punishments will follow if found out.

Do NOT attempt to mislead a staff member by creating a fallacy simply to gain an advantage or abuse OOC mediums such as vehicle teleports or asset refunds.

Do NOT falsify videos, screenshots, recordings or any other piece of evidence in refund requests, players reports or anything of the likes. This will result in an immediate permanent ban with no chance to appeal.

New Life Rule (NLR)

If you are downed in a situation and no EMS or Police arrive to revive you and you’re forced to hold “E” to “Take the Light” you’re expected to forget the events that led to your “Death” and anyone involved. You must NOT respawn if you know friends are going to take you to Pillbox to be seen by EMS.

Value Of Life

The Value of your own life and other individuals applies. This allows for realistic environments for all players and invokes consequences for those who don’t wish to participate in said environment. If you’re involved in a shootout due to not valuing your life, you have no room to enact revenge on the people responsible for your death in that scene.

Do NOT pull out a weapon and try to kill someone if they clearly have an advantage (Example: Holding a knife and charging someone who is at range) Keep in mind, this does relate to how close to them you are. If you’re standing next to them, naturally a knife holds the advantage but this is very situational.

GunPlay Over RolePlay

When interacting with other players, try and keep in mind that, although you have access to them, guns are not always the answer. There are many avenues of thought when involved in these situations and remember, by not killing them, you can further enhance the future of the RolePlay between the two parties.

Ask yourself a couple of questions: “If I bring my gun out now, will it escalate it unnecessarily?” or “Do I need to fire my gun now or is there an alternative?”

Fail/Unrealistic/Unacceptable RolePlay

Fail/Unrealistic RolePlay can range from all manners of things. Failing to RolePlay is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. When you’re in the server, you’re expected to be within character and RolePlaying at all times. If a situation happens where rules are being/have been broken, finish your scenario first then file your /report.

Do NOT RolePlay as a terrorist or federal agent and demand recognition by actual Police. (We do NOT have have/allow these facilities within the server)

Do NOT kill or harm EMS unless they are being openly hostile or promoting a hostile situation. (Them tasing you for being too aggressive is a response and NOT them being aggressive)

Kidnap or transport EMS against their will.

Do NOT impersonate Police Officers/EMS.

Do NOT use in character friends as hostages for any situation, such as a bank/store robbery. If taking a hostage, you’re allowed to reward compliance, but a predetermined reward/use of friend(s) is NOT allowed.

Grand Theft Auto driving (Gta Driving)/Unrealistic driving is NOT allowed. (Example: Driving a supercar up a mountain/Driving off a cliff and driving off casually after the fact)

Do NOT dump a body with no RolePlay reason, in a hard to reach area, such as mountains/in the ocean, with the sole intention of wiping their memory.

Do NOT force RP on another player, such as “Burning” a body to try and force permaDeath or anything sexual related.

Do NOT have multiple characters serving in multiple different gangs or within the SAME gang.

Do NOT abuse the ability to hear through walls/air vents or anything else of a similar nature.

Do NOT try and continue employment/act as staff if you have been fired/terminated from a job.

Do NOT talk OOC (Out Of Character) at any time. This will only be acceptable when talking to members of staff out of the way of other players.

Do NOT use any weapons that are unrealistic in the current environment. If you find yourself in possession of any “out of the ordinary” weapons, please report this to a member of staff via the /report feature.

Do NOT go AFK within the server for more than 10 minutes. This can be considered as paycheck farming and could also lead to you being kicked to make room for other players waiting to join.

Do NOT call the emergency services with the sole intention of kidnapping them. This is considered baiting and is prohibited.

Make sure you always RolePlay your injuries in certain situations (examples: car crashes, being shot) as you never know if someone else nearby is watching.

Do NOT force others into a storyline/scenario that they may not be comfortable with. (Example: Anything sexual or torturous)

Do NOT go around chain robbing stores/banks/jewelry stores with the sole intention of being rich, with no intention to generate RolePlay along the way.

If you are caught by the Police and they use their /me or /do commands to check the radio station that you’re currently using, you ARE obliged to use your /me command to tell them. Falsifying this info can lead to consequences.

Do NOT disregard events that could/would result in the death of your character. (Example: high speed car crashes/falling from greater heights)

Do NOT become employed within EMS or PD with the sole intention of creating a “Shady” side to that character or abusing the jobs mechanics. Handing out PD or EMS issued equipment, such as tasers/guns/high quantities of meds, to those that aren’t in the same job field is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Do NOT use knowledge of Police or EMS SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) on a criminal character, unless you can prove that you’ve been told them in character. Most criminals won’t know this casually, so we expect you to portray as such.

Do NOT use any Terms like “Romeo Pasta” or Oscar Oscar Charlie” to get around saying “OOC” or “RP”. This is considered breaking character and can lead to consequences.

Do NOT use an immersion breaking pitch with a voice changer. They’re only permitted if you use them sensibly and staff reserve the right to deny certain voice pitches at any time.

Do NOT talk about any form of staff whilst in character or anything else that wouldn’t make sense in character.

Do NOT reference another person’s alternate characters.


Use of any of the vehicles is strictly prohibited but limited to: armed military vehicles/cars that can fly or go underwater.

Do NOT use any aircraft if your character hasn’t had the relevant training.

Do NOT use an aircraft, after receiving the relevant training, to fly into the prison with the intent of breaking people out. We have scripts for breakouts, so these are to be used.


At any time, a player may choose to permanently kill their character. In doing so, you will lose all possessions that your character previously owned, unless you leave a Will that is written out by a member of the DOJ team within the city. When Permanently killing yourself, first take a moment to think how this “Death” may impact other storylines and other players and make sure you ARE SURE. After the death has happened you are NOT able to bring your character back.

Ensure, when permanently killing your character(s), that you properly RolePlay your death with the EMS team dealing with it. (Example: correct use of /me’s)

Faking your death is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless pre-approved by a senior member of staff. As stated previously, permanently killing your character is a big deal and FAKING that death is moreso, so approval is required beforehand.


Remember when involved in any kind of scenario, that you are NOT the only one there to RolePlay. You WILL meet people from all walks of life, whether they’re EMS, Police, DOJ, Business owners or Criminals. The goal is for all players to be able to interact with each other and have the RolePlay flow, so make sure to be open to all avenues.

Emergency Medical Services:

If you’re downed and EMS are online, you’re required to wait for them to arrive at the scene or have a friend involved in the scene take you to the hospital to be checked out by EMS professionals. EMS are required to act in a professional manner at all times. To go with this, you are EXPECTED to go respond to /me’s similarly at all times during any procedure. If you spend a reasonable amount of time waiting and no one shows up to help you, you are then able to hold “E” to respawn or see “Nancy” the local doctor at the front desk.

Police Department:

Police are required to act in a professional manner at all times. Whether you’re a criminal or honest civilian, you are required to show a certain level of respect to Law Enforcement Officers on a casual basis. (Certain RolePlay will diminish this naturally for the right reasons) When in cuffs do NOT try hitting officers or jumping off bridges to get away, this is considered FAILRP and will lead to consequences.

Police/EMS baiting

Do NOT bait Police/EMS to force a scenario that wouldn’t naturally have happened. (Examples: doing donuts in your car near police/calling EMS with false claims/firing your gun for no reason)


When being involved criminally, consider some of the following points, they may help you evaluate as you expand and progress through the underworld:

Don’t try and rush straight into being a criminal. In some cases this can take a few weeks to learn the beginning ins and outs. Give yourself time to meet people and make connections and naturally fall into that “Life”.

Remember, when trying to be a criminal, you’ll naturally make a “name” for yourself. In doing so, the police will start to learn more about you and remember who you are for future reference. Common sense goes a long way in this line of work. The more well known you are to police

On occasion, you may see some gangs work together to attain a greater goal. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. That being said, conflict is expected, we can’t all be holding hands, so if you get undermined, deal with it appropriately. We advise avoiding alliances that never allow for conflict.

Do NOT do any criminal jobs, such as bank robberies or van robberies within 20 minutes of any server restart. Police won’t be able to respond appropriately and it will be considered under the rule of greed.


The setting for storylines within the server is the State of San Andreas and the counties within it. While your characters origin/nationality may vary but their current “Home” is the State of San Andreas and should be treated as a realistic state. For example, if you were wanting to buy a house as a southside gang member, expect to NOT be approved for a mansion in the Vinewood Hills area.


Players should not use their job related powers for any unintended purposes. (Example: Using a mechanics ability to spawn props to block off certain areas) The same rule applies to abusing items given from certain jobs, such as shooting each other repeatedly with tasers etc


Every player has the ability to have 5 characters created at any one time. You are NEVER permitted to share knowledge between characters, Have multiple characters within the same gang or involve them in the same scenarios.


Certain whitelisted jobs within our city give you access to certain commands. Abuse of these commands may result in removal from that job and possible staff involvement.

Do NOT go on duty as a mechanic with the intention to repair your own vehicle for free.

Do NOT go on duty as EMS with the intention to revive your friend.

Do NOT go on duty as a cop just to unjail a friend or seek revenge on others.

Do NOT use a vehicle obtained from a job for robberies. (Example: spawning paramedic vehicles to rob stores)

Do NOT play a character that has TWO WHITELISTED jobs, such as Police and EMS.

Exploiting bugs

Abuse of bugs, exploiting jobs/items is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in immediate removal from the server/community if not properly reported to a member of the staff team.

Account access

Account sharing is not allowed. Asking to be UNBANNED because someone else was using your account will not be accepted as an excuse/reason.

Circumventing a ban

Do NOT utilize different accounts to circumvent a ban. This will lead to your original account being subject to permanent removal from the community and server.

Do NOT change your IP to avoid being banned. This will lead to you being subject to permanent removal from the community and server.
Do NOT message staff about bans unless instructed to do so. This may result in appeals being declined.

Suicide & Combat Logging

Do NOT attempt to leave the server during an active scenario, if you’re downed/dead. This is classed as combat logging and can result in you being banned.

Do NOT respawn during an active scenario you’re involved in, if you know it is still in progress.

RolePlaying the suicide of your character is prohibited unless pre-approved by a senior moderator or higher.

Selling IC Items OOC

Trading any in character items for real world profit or gain is strictly prohibited.

With all of the above being said, please keep in mind that punishments and rules are subject to change at any time. Passion Gaming management team reserves the right to remove access at any time. We hope you enjoy your time on Passion Gaming! Do not hesitate to give us your feedback or suggestions via the correct discord channels.

Thank you and have fun!