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Passion Gaming: Changes are coming! A New Chapter is Here... I believe it is time to introduce the community to the website. I would love everyone's feedback on what

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Welcome to Passion Roleplay

Welcome to Passion Roleplay, which uses FiveM, a modification for Grand Theft Auto V. The Passion Gaming community runs this server! Our top priorities are and always will be player experience and server performance.

PassionRP has an established community with over 100,000 unique members. We are a roleplay server with a balanced economy, convincing anti-cheat system, operational staff on all platforms, also various jobs and character possibilities. Due to our growing dev team that produces near-daily changes, we provide a unique experience that other servers cannot offer.

Player Feedback is what makes our servers great. We have an active feedback channel with years of discussion, allowing players to voice concerns, submit ideas, and weigh in on server updates critical to the community.

At PassionRP, the roleplay is effortless. With so many great additions from our dev team, this city has certainly come alive!

Passion Roleplay Features


PassionRP is a established community since 2018, we welcome all types of roleplayers to join in and make yourself a home in our community.


Over the years PassionRP has built its servers on community feedback, and we thank all our members for creating a unique city with us!


You are not the only ones who want a cheater-free environment. We are constantly looking at ways to counter these terrorists. We keep a strict economy, so we have a powerful Anti-Cheat that deals with these scumbags quickly and efficiently. The player experience is our priority.

Daily Updates

PassionRP’s dev team creates custom server updates daily to keep players engaged. These are made specifically for PassionRP to guarantee a unique experience.


One of the many features that bring people to play FiveM is the variety of new areas to explore instead of the vanilla Grand Theft Auto. We present new hangout locations and interiors for players to interact with and create fantastic places to roleplay.


PassionRP has many whitelisted roles in the city. Check out the roles dropdown in the navigation menu for a list of our current roles. We are always looking to expand this list and if you have ideas, send us your feedback!

Unique Robberies & Heists

From Pickpockets to bank heists, PassionRP’s dev team is constantly changing the flavor of robberies. New heists are implemented frequently. The players need to decipher the puzzles, creating some exciting mechanics for you criminals.


PassionRP’s dev team always looks into ways to increase performance on the server. It pushes out near-daily performance and stability updates. You won’t have to worry about connection or performance issues anymore.


PassionRP has many unique features when it comes to the criminal world. Such as interrupting local supply lines to acquire drugs, planning heists to disrupt entire networks, or simply supplying local demand. Talking to others can lead you down many paths, and which one you choose is up to you.

Custom Vehicles and Handling

PassionRP has a team dedicated to making vehicles more realistic. We provide supporters with a limited supply of custom vehicles, as well as a plethora of cars available to the public for purchase.


At PassionRP, Opportunities grow here and stay here! With a team of developers and a community of feedback, it’s endless what this city will grow to be in the future. Join us and grow with us!


PassionRP’s dynamic property framework allows players to live virtually anywhere. Everyone gets an apartment to start with, but you can move elsewhere if that doesn’t suit your needs. Want to live in a trailer and smoke meth? We can easily accommodate.

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