Passion Gaming Update Feed – 1

  • The Weekly update Feed

Passion Gaming Update Feed

Welcome to the very first update feed for Passion Gaming. The Update feed provides a weekly update on all changes to Passion Gaming separated by Teams. This week revolves mainly around the dev team since this is last minute, and I haven't had time to speak to the other teams. Hopefully, next week the content team will grow, and this feed will grow with it, so please apply for a spot on the content team and help build something unique!

Dev Team

PRP Companies/Player Owned Buisnesses

Sudokill has been working on a new branch for the player-run business in the city. The very first business's to get this feature is the Diamond Casino and Car Wash.

  • All companies can retrieve their money in cash from the Pacific Bank - at a specific teller window.

  • Businesses will have steps needed to perform the function. I.e., the car wash will need chemicals "stocked" in order for people to use the car wash.

  • Added deeds to ownable businesses.


The casino has had some alterations this week and thought it needed its own column on the Feed.  Here is the list of changes.

  • Roulette added to Casino.

  • Max bet is $2500 For Roulette

  • Blackjack added to Casino.

  • Turned on the video screens at the casino.

  • Casino Door locks on the front of Casino (default to unlock on server restart)

Teamspeak / TokoVOIP

Say goodbye to the Mumble experiment as the team decided to pull the plug once and for all. Let’s welcome back Teamspeak and the team has added some extra love! 

  • Speaking on the radio whilst down is now not possible anymore!

  • Changing range whilst down/cuffed is now possible.

  • Radio clicks have been lowered.

  • Speaking distances for each mode (whisper, normal & shouting) have been adjusted thanks to player feedback.

Tokovoip/Teamspeak 3 Tutorial

Other Honorable Mentions


  • Door Locks - New door locks (Steady) FPS Increase
  • Fix Garage Missing and bunkers missing
  • Fixed Fleeca Bank Doors¬†
  • Fixed Pacific Bank Doors¬†
  • Added Bahama Mamas stashes¬†
  • Fixed Bahama Mamas passcode¬†
  • Fixed Pillbox gate door lock¬†
  • Fixed Best Buds door lock.
  • Fixed Tacoshop doors
  • Fixed a bug with the phone that was spamming TX Console.
  • Updated door locks at the CGF hangout building thing.
  • Updated door locks at Taco Shop
  • Updated door locks at Pearls
  • ADDED Arcade Bar - No Idea What this is but sounds great!
  • ADDED Garage near barstart


  • Added new EMS Ambulance
  • Improved EMS Vehicle Handling
  • Removed Old Ambulance
  • Fixed a few cars that slipped through my handling rework >:(


  • New replacement cars for Tebex.
  • New PD Car for High Command


  • Giving items will not show steam names anymore but rather Civilian names and player ID.
  • Fixed Discord Bots


  • Updated the job roles for Redline.
  • Enabled entry to houses even when the text "/enter to enter the house" has not yet appeared.
  • Added a new command: /house update which will load your garage blip/enter text if you are currently unable to see them.
  • Changed real estate tax from 21% to 20%.
  • Attempted to fix the ability to remove keys from house tenants.
  • Provided real estate with a command to change the locks on a house (removes all keyholders other than the house owner)
  • Raised the prices at "Smoke on the Water" to promote more RP at Best Buds. More weed talk.
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Content Team

There is currently only one thing that the content team has going right now: Weekly Update Feed. In time hopefully, we can expand and grow into something extraordinary. My rough plans, without much detail, are as follows.

  • Passion Gaming Update Feed (Currently Reading)

  • Twitch Team

  • Blog Posts by In-Game Characters

  • PassionRP NewsPaper

  • Weekly Highlights

This can all change when the team gets established and we have collaborated on a direction.  But please apply for a spot on this team while it's still open.

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Staff Team

I have not had time to speak with the event team this week.

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Event Team

I have not had time to speak with the event team this week.

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